This is a blog dedicated to highlighting Transformer medics in action, saving lives and helping all those under their care. Whether it's an image of Megatron stubbing his toe and asking for a band-aide or Ratchet fighting desperately in the field to save a downed soldier, the goal is to capture those moments of patient-doctor connection. We'll reblog those images in order to share with you a snap-shot of the life-death struggle of their war. We will also reblog drabbles, medical headcanons, and occasional images of medics or injured mecha on their own.

The Repair Bay

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Rung found out a way to keep Whirl calm in sessions. He doesn’t break them but every other day, now.


One o’ those days.


There is a story, I will write it. I will, I will, I will. 


Here it is in pictures, wonderful pictures.

Top by  c0nstantm0tion

Middle by LeSnee

bottom by alfheimr

Thank you all for the wonderful arts!!!!!!!!!!!!


When I saw Ratchet TU come out this pic came up in my head.


I cannot be the only one thinking this.




why a grumpy grandpa can be so reliable??


Small collab with vierbryn. I posted the original file before, but she wanted to animate it, so there it is!

Thank you for adding more sass to it V.